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Thread: non-PAE enabled laptop build

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    non-PAE enabled laptop build

    Ack.....I have an old Thinkpad R51 that has been running BT5R3 great and now I'm dead in the water with the PAE capable requirement.

    I looked over the "Live Build a Custom Kali ISO" and "Debian Live Manual", but can't figure out where in the process and in what config file to specify a 486 trunk build
    or at least something i386 non-PAE. Seems like only one other person has asked this question unless it is just so easy.

    Only advice I saw which is not helping me:

    I am totally new to Debian and live-build so I apologize for my newbiness....additional tips appreciated.


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    have a look at this . scroll down untill you get to "Building Kali Linux for older i386 architecture


    hope it helps

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    Thanks!.....I ended up creating a custom ISO with the instructions that works great.
    Since then I've done a dual boot Acer Aspire One netbook with Windows 8 and Kali as well....
    not super fast but adequate with 1 GB RAM.

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