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Thread: Connecting to network during installation process

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    Connecting to network during installation process

    Hey guys,

    So I am trying to install Kali Linux from a live USB via the graphical install. At the step where I have to connect to a network, I don't have the option to connect to a network that I usually connect to using a username and password. How can I connect to that network? Also, is this process necessary for the installation or is it just needed for later use? Is it possible to skip this step and connect to a network after the installation?


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    Graphical install should give you the option; however, it's one of the first options it gives you, and if you're connected via ethernet, it may bipass that option all together and just connect. If the connection fails, it will then prompt a screen saying manual connection, etc.

    Also, internet is NOT needed for the installation process.

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