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Thread: Linset English version for all versions of kali linux

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    Linset English version for all versions of kali linux

    Linset English version,
    This is the musketTeams edited version that has been retranslated to English and made to work with any version of kali.

    Linset is a WPA/WPA2 phishing tool

    Linset Is Not a Social Enginering Tool

    The original script was written in spanish and translated a little bit to English and revamped by the musket teams, many bugs corrected by them and many thanks to them for that.

    I on the other hand translated 99.9% of the script back to English and also added airmon for those using kali 2.0 and Rolling 2016.1/2016.2, because if you dont use kali 1.0 to run script it runs into issues with the newer airmon-ng which uses wlan0mon as the monitor interface instead of mon0.

    so adding airmon in the same directory as the main script and tweaking the main script a bit makes everything works flawlessly across all versions of kali linux. But still many thanks to vk496 for a nice script and also musket teams(mmusket33) for revamping it. And also myself

    Before using the script make sure to read the Help text file written by the musket teams explaining what they did and how to use the script. Doesnt take much of your time tho.

    Download at:
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    Gotta install additional dependencies not included in the readme or help file.

    apt-get install isc-dhcp-server

    apt-get install hostapd

    After installation and initial run script updates to old linset version, which is in spanish.

    There is an alternative linset version that is on the web, but not published to the general public.

    It's called Linset Colores (colors)

    They fixed all the bugs, added https support (not working), and added mitm pages inside the script itself by coverting the images to code (Base 64 I believe).

    Guy who continued the script is called dynyly dynyly on youtube.
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    their was a little fault, we forgot to comment out the auto update function dat makes it update and change to spanish, but thats been taken care of now.

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    Nice work chunkingz. There is a new project called fluxion on github which takes off where linset left off. I would love it for yourself and team musket to take a look at it as the guys working on it need help.

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    To scolder

    To keep you updated on our WPA Phishing projects, Musket Teams have been working on a updated Pwnstar 9 for WPA phishing. We were only waiting on the updated Network Manager which we think is in kali2016 1.2 as Networkmanager-airodump-ng conflicts take up a large portion of our coding time. Once this is released we will be happy to correct any operational problems in any new programs spawned by the original linset if it deals with WPA phishing. We are also happy to see others in the community interested in developing WPA Phishing approaches.

    The new Pwnstar 9 supports HttPS pass thru, Passive DDOS processes thru WPA encrypted rogue AP clones, and complete control of most aspects of the various WPA phishing sites setup by the user.


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