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Thread: Latest district doesn't include Openvas

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    Latest district doesn't include Openvas

    Hello all! A bit new to Kali, but looks a decent platform. I was attracted to it because of all the tools installed by default, which would save me some time. Well, I was a bit disappointed when I installed it, but doesn't look like Openvas is part of what's installed now... Is this a mistake, or am I missing something stupid?

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    Its not included in the ISO, but its still in the repo.
    You can still install it by doing 'apt install openvas'.

    Its not included by default to help keep the size of the ISO down - as the package is (very) large.
    You can free to rebuild the ISO to include it if you wish.
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    Ah, gotcha...makes perfect sense! I suspected it was something simple. Thanks!

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