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Thread: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)

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    Exclamation unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)

    Hey guys,
    im new in this forum - i checked the searchfunction but cant find something, that helped...

    a few hours ago i install Kali on my notebook (Thinkpad 220t i7 8GB RAM). After the "graphical installation" i start a "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade" - after a few minutes there come a "Something went wrong - User logged out". Okay, so i logged in and i got a BlackScreen and my cursor was a Black Cross... so i think the graphic is crashed and i reboot my computer.

    After the reboot i get the message: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0) and cant do anything. I cant start the terminal via bootloader... whats goin on?

    Thanks for help guys!

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    I am also new to the forum, this is the only search result I have seen

    I have the same problem, however on starting the VM it loads GNU Grub version 2.02~beta2-36
    • If i select Kali GNU/Linux - i get the same as above
      - Runs Kali GNU/Linux, with Linux 4.6.0-kali1-amd64
    • If i go into the advanced options and select the previous version (Kali GNU/Linux, with Linux 4.3.0-kali1-amd64)
      - I can login, etc. (i.e. it works)
      - But when I open the terminal it loads the lock screen again and have to login again, but it closes the terminal so I cannot run any commands

    NOTE: recovery mode does not work for version 4.6.0

    Kali version: Gnome Version 3.21.90
    Kali installation: VM (Kali Linux 2016.1 x64)

    Any assistance will be appreciated as I have been stuck for a couple of days on this

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