Hello everyone, I am new to Linux but am very eager to learn. I do not want to dual-boot. I want to run Kali in a Virtual Machine like another program running in Windows. I know I can run Virtual Machine off of my HDD which is fine but I want to be able to take my Kali with saved files etc with me to other computers.
I have my Desktop, and an Ultra Portable Laptop, and Tablet that I would like to be able to just pop in a USB drive and pull up Kali without having to decide to boot Windows or Kali.

Is there a way I can just pop in my USB drive and pull up Kali without the dual booting and run it alongside windows?
Maybe I have to have VMWare installed on all the machines I plan on using, if so can I also include that on the USB drive to make for fast install on the machines I use?

Thanks for the help everyone.