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Thread: During install wont detect disk because its a RAID0, how to add RAID0 during install?

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    During install wont detect disk because its a RAID0, how to add RAID0 during install?

    Hello, I have a Sony Vaio vpcz1 22gx laptop. I've tried to install Kali Linux on it, with no luck because when it trys to detect the hard drive, the installer doesnt. Asks me if I want to install to iSCSI ip address? Now I'm looking at this laptop on windows 7 and there is a Intel ich8m-e/5 series sata raid controller, in Intel Rapid Storage Technology app, with Volume 0, Type: RAID 122GB Array_0000. and below it are two 61GB drive(s). One is Array disk Port: 0 Toshiba THNS064GG2BNAA, and Array disk Port: 2 same Toshiba drive. My question is there a way to add the drivers of this to a USB stick and then run shell terminal through the Kali Linux installer, and mount the usb drive and use it for the driver for the Intel ich8m-e/5 series sata raid controller? I've tried googling all those but im not really getting anything I can use or download? Or instructions on how to do it. May someone please help me out or point me in the right direction.

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    Tricky, tricky…

    The bios RAID options are intended for Windows. You'll want to disable them all.

    You will need to boot a live CD and before running the installer you will need to create the RAID-0 on your drive. Then you can run the installer and tell it to use the RAID-0.

    It is not simple with Kali. You need to create partitions on your disk, make a RAID-0 with them, then install Kali to the RAID-0 and then configure the new OS before it will boot.

    In summary:
    You need to boot your live CD
    Run gparted to make partitions on one of the disk, as a minimum one for / and one for swap.
    Copy the MBR to the other disk
    Install mdadm
    Use mdadm to create a RAID-0 using the two / partitions
    Format the RAID-0 device
    Run the installer and "Something Else" and choose the RAID-0 device for / and the RAID-0 for the grub bootloader
    The installer will probably report an error.
    Chroot into the new / and install mdadm, configure mdadm.conf and run "update initramfs -u" and run "dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc"

    Then you’ll need to mount, etc. There is a fantastic article you can follow. I’ll post it below.

    Good luck!

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