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Thread: Boot stuck with message "started user manager with uid=132;Dependency failed for dev"

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    Boot stuck with message "started user manager with uid=132;Dependency failed for dev"

    Hi everyone,
    Recently, I upgraded my system from "Kali Sana" to "Kali Rolling" using normal "apt-get dist-upgrade". Now, the system is not booting anymore. It is stuck with the message
    starting user manager with uid=132;
    started session *** of user Debian-gdm
    started user manager with uid=132;Dependency failed for device {device-id}
    stoping user manager with uid=132;

    and screen keeps on blinking. Below is the exact snapshot of the screen.

    Please help me!

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    Here's what worked for me although VMWare Tools is still hosed on mine:

    1. use ALT+ F3 and drop to a command line prompt
    2. login
    3. repeat apt-get update, upgrade/dist-upgrade until the system is fully updated
    4. reboot

    Your gdm should be working again

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    I haven't seen this problem on a real PC but experienced it in a VM under Xen. The issue has to due with gdm attempting to use wayland session. Make sure you have a /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf present and that there is a 'WaylandEnable=false' present in that conf file. To make these changes you will either have to use rescue cd or boot into runlevel 3.

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