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Thread: Troubleshooting wireless pen testing

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    Troubleshooting wireless pen testing

    Hey Everyone,

    I am brand new to this site and I have been searching for days to find answers for my problem so I finally figured I would cave and post a thread. So here is what's going on:

    I am running Kali 3.18 in VMWare Workstation 8 with Windows 8 as the host. I bought a Alfa AWUS051NH adapter to use for wireless pen testing. Drivers are installed in Kali and I can connect to the Internet from the Kali VM.

    A couple questions
    1. Why do I have to keep installing the download compact wireless package to see the wireless interfaces? Why does this not become permanent?
    2. Why when I finally can see the interfaces and I setup airmon-ng start wlan0 then run airodump wlan0mon am I not getting any wireless networks?

    Am I missing a step, any help would be awesome thanks so much everyone.

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    Wireless in a virtual machine has always been problematic for me. I suggest doing any wireless work from a native Kali install.

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