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Thread: Parallels Tools not installing

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    Parallels Tools not installing

    The recent update broke my Kali install and I believe it may be related to Parallels Tools. Currently my old VM will not get past the 'started user manager for uid xxx' in the boot loader. (Parallels Tools is installed on this build)

    So I installed a new VM from a fresh download of Kali and ran update/upgrade/dist-upgrade but still can't get Parallels Tools installed. I'm getting the following dependency errors for Parallels Tools:

    'You need to install the following:
    - linux-headers-4.6.0.-kali1-amd64
    - printer-driver-postscript-hp

    I can use apt-get to install the printer-driver-postscript-hp component, but getting a 'not found' error for the headers. I think this may be causing an issue with the graphics driver on my old VM.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    *bump* i have the same problem aside from the linux-headers, which i jsut had to reboot the VM. but the problem persists for printer-drive-postscript-hp

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    mine was working a week ago...but after a apt-get -y dist-upgrade the file system interation no longer is functional. i'm going to compare packages to see what changed.

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    hello, what kernel are you currently using (uname -a)

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    Hello I am having a similar problem. My installation broke after upgrading.

    Completed a fresh install then tried to install parallels tools. I only seem to get one error. This error seems to relate to it not finding the component printer-driver-postscript-hp.

    I was wondering if it was possible to find a way to point the installation towards the installation of the hp ppd as I already have it installed.

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