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Thread: Using the whole SD card?

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    Unhappy Using the whole SD card?

    I have been trying to run a Kali Linux live MicroSD card on my Asus Chromebook Flip. So far, everything has worked out very well. I am able to run the OS quite nicely.

    There is just one problem.

    I use my primary computer, with access to Kali Linux and Windows 7, to write the necessary IMG file to a MicroSD card, located at
    After writing the file, I am left with a ton of unallocated space on the 64 GB MicroSD card. I tried to use Gparted on both the Chromebook and my primary computer to stretch the root partition to consume the rest of the space. When I tried that, though, the Chromebook refused to boot to the MicroSD card, giving me that dreaded "bloop" noise.

    I can't quite figure out a way around this. If anyone could provide assistance, I would appreciate it.

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    I had the same issues with my 32GB SD card and my Kali install. But here are the two things I tried and they eventually worked.

    wget -O /boot/
    chmod +x /boot/
    sh /boot/

    That worked for my image for my Rpi-3 on the SD card, but not for the image on my Rp-Zero for some reason, the following worked for my Rpi-Zero image.

    1. Boot into a Linux distro (Not from your SD Card) (I used a live CD of Ubuntu)

    2. Insert your SD card and run G-parted

    This worked for my other image. I know you said you used Gparted already, but I am wondering if you booted with your SD card, and then ran GParted from the SD card.(this would cause several issues from expanding a FS that you are currently using).

    If you already did it from a separate OS, then I am sorry and I am out of ideas.

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