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Thread: Any recommended laptops for Kali?

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    Any recommended laptops for Kali?


    I am after a new laptop to run Kali natively on.

    I looked at things like Razer Blade, Auros X3, MSI Phanton Pro but haven't found anyone mention successful Kali installs.

    As to why - I would like to only have 1 machine and just dual boot Windows/Kali.

    Does anyone know if this perfect laptop exists?!

    Thanks in advance.

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    My main Kali machine is a Lenovo Thinkpad L530. I dual boot Windows 7 and 64-bit Kali with it; works great for all my needs.

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    hasee , good computer ,

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    I do a live boot from a USB on a Lenovo. I have a Lenovo Edge 2. Works beautifully.

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