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Thread: kali crashing when i am connecting to Ghost Phisher http server

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    Question kali crashing when i am connecting to Ghost Phisher http server

    i am using kali linux 2.0 on vmware 12 , i am using ghost phisher to create fake ap and then launching a fake http server(phisher page) . i have bridged my 2 interface eth0 and at0 to provide internet to fake ap ,,everything is working good but whenever i am trying to connect to that http server my kali crashes(everthing hangs and my caps lock button start blinking ) . i am allotting 4gb ram to my virtual machine and providing 4 core to it . is there any solution for this thing and why this is happening ?

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    Anything in /var/log or dmesg that might be helpful? Beyond that, my experience with wireless in a VM has been difficult. Have you tried a native Kali install?

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    Try enabling ip forward:
    echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

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