So SPI isn't working for me, I've been searching and searching, and trying different things.

I have the spi_bcm2835 loaded, but if I load spidev, it doesn't show up with lsmod, and I don't have any /dev/spidev* devices.

I have spi under sys:

find /sys/ -iname 'spi*'

I did a bunch more searching and came up with an interesting post somewhere on the web that said he couldn't get SPI working unless spidev was compiled into the kernel.

Does anyone else have spi working? do I need to compile it into the kernel?

I noticed by default the config.txt file doesn't exist, and when I created it, it doesn't seem to make a difference. does Kali use this file? are there other ways to pass parameters to the kernel on boot?

I'm compiling on the device right now but running out of space so I'll probably setup an environment to cross compile it when I have time, if I have to.

Thanks for any help in advance.