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Thread: Need help with hid attacks (cmd)

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    Need help with hid attacks (cmd)

    Hi, i'm new in all this security world.

    I'm trying to use HID attack to get the WiFi password of the wifi that's using the computer that i connect to my nexus 5

    I can successfully get the password using this CMD command

    C:\windows\system32> netsh wlan show profile name= "the name of the wifi" key=clear > password.txt

    this work very well, the output is all the information about the wifi including the password.

    BUT i have a big problem, i don't know how to send the password.txt to my nexus 5, i have researched a lot on how to send files from pc to android devices using cmd but the only way is installing adb.
    I found that i can make a FTP server and send the passsword.txt to the server but if i'm trying to get the wifi password is because i don't have internet (lol)

    So, is there a way to send the file to my nexus 5? what can i do?
    the FTP server sounds really good but is there a way to run a ftp server on nethunter and receive the password.txt by the USB cable?


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    Hi Roberton55,

    in my case, I've created an empty image in DriveDroid(, and when I want to execute the attack, I just launch DriveDroid to host the blank image as a drive. then edit the script to point to the letter of the drive(i.e: move password.txt X:\wifi_passwd) and after that, launch the script.

    Hope it helps, but if anything, PM me and I'll try to sort you out.

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