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Thread: Can i use another Repository on Kali Linux without breaking my Install???

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    Lightbulb Can i use another Repository on Kali Linux without breaking my Install???

    Hey guys n gals,
    So is it possible to use another repository besides the three we are given for Kali???? Because I get bored sometimes even though i do have a plethora of reading i am doing and not to mention all my Experiments i have been playing with but i have a serious itch for a good game or two and lets put it this way, I cant find any i want to play and i am afrade of compiling on my system right now before i get her bolted down. So, is it possible or do i have to go and set up another Distro just for my gaming????

    bored and perplexed

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    I often add other repos to my kali install via /etc/apt/sources.list . Nothing for gaming, though. Anyway, here is the stock answer; do whatever you want but don't expect any support for it. "You break it, you bought it".

    Gaming on a Kali Linux install is as good a match as taking an AR15 to the Carnival shooting booth game trying to win your stepchild a 6 foot tall fuzzy bannana toy.

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    My suggestion is to use another distro just for gaming. Adding/changing stuff in /etc/apt/sources.list is almost guaranteed to cause problems.

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    Don't change your /etc/apt/sources.list This is specifically called out in

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    Sounds like a great idea to run games with root while your at it run chrome and also install everything adobe makes.

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