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Thread: USB Persistence with LUKS Encryption not working

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    USB Persistence with LUKS Encryption not working

    Hi All

    I have made a 64Gb USB into a live Kali with LUKS Encryption and Persistence with info found on this link

    when i boot into kali I am asked to unlock the drive with my password, this works and we arive at the desktop all is well, if I create a folder or change the keyboard settings and reboot all info is lost.

    If i browse to "places" I see my 51 Gb drive, I click on it and I have to enter my password and it unlocks, inside is a file called persistence.conf when i open it it has / union and that is all

    Why wont this live persistence store my data ?

    Please advise

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    Persistence works for me great, both encrypted and standard, so i suspect its something you are doing, or in your environment. However it's really hard to answer your question without knowing what you've done, and how you've done it.

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    Try these approaches

    If you have no linux operating system to work on your flashdrive an alternative solution if offered see below

    We do not use luks encryption as tends to cause some processes to hang or fail with usb flash drives.

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