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    Exclamation Yet another Dual Boot Woe....

    I have read and tried already, thank you.. I have lost DAYS of sleep from this due to a condition I have that I cannot stop working on something until it is fixed.. PLEASE HELP ME GET SOME SLEEP FFS!!!!!

    I too cannot add GRUB from the live install, the install from the initial Kali os boot screen, OR from installing within windows 10.

    Background =
    Machine is an HP Pavilion G7 with packetinj. out of the box(mine anyways..)
    AMD core and A8 Graphics....yada yada unimportant ish.....


    The installed os out of the box was Windows 8. However, I blew it away and put Win10Ent. on the machine. I did no special installs in UEFI, even though the BIOS(hint I said BIOS) supports UEFI booting and installing. No fastboot and hotkey delay is at 0. Legacy support is enabled and Secure Boot disabled. I have 160gb of unpartitioned or initialized space I wanted to install Kali on. I boot into LIVE and make sure the partition is still recognized in GParted,and all is well.. SO I initiate the install via the System menu and it auto-parts the partition and installs Kali fine. When I get to the Mirrors part is when I hit issues. Not a single mirror will resolve for me. I check my internet by....using the internet, and I am having no errors or issues, esp. with DNS. So that is problem number one I am seeing. IIf I skip mirrors, I then go to GRUB install where it kicks back an error that GRUB cannot be installed to /target/ - whatever the "target" is and wherever the target flag was set..... I then skip it and go to LILO with another non-install.. I say F it and go forward and I get "Bootloader not installed..blah blah... You will need to boot manually with the /vmlinuz kernel on partition /dev/dsa5 and root=/dev/sda5 passed as kernel argument..." This last message is why I am posting here.. After I installed Grub2WIN as a hopeful alternative for the failed native install, I noticed that When I was trying to add Kali into the menu, I noticed some of the special code that was similar to what the Native Install error was telling me to do IE: boot commands and arguments. However, on the menu there is no "Linux" or "Kali" options. There are flavors of Linux listed like Debain and others... And I know Kali is built off of debain.. But I didn't recognize any of the commands and didn't know what to edit... I have a feeling that If I enter the commands that Kali told me to, somewhere within the Grub2Win OS setup screen, I can get this to work. But which flavor do I tell GRUB2WIN and how exactly would the command be with the information that the OS presented to me which I have then told you all??

    My BIOS is Insyde F.26 2/21/2013
    GRUB2WIN installed on SDA and set to windows partition. I get the windows logo then the screen to select the GRUB bootloader. I get into the bootloader and try booting any linux I add and I get a "must load kernel" error... So that code above needs to be input in the correct field with correct formatting... Where? How?

    I have a feeling that an answer to this will fix literally every other issue of WIN10/Kali DB that people are having.

    Thanks in advance!


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    in the menu config of grub2win add a 'Other' OS
    Edit custom code
    #X is the respective partition and drives

    set root=(hdX,msdosX) <----- That is a major key,...and hardly any guides if any, mention it.
    linux /vmlinuz ro root=/dev/sda5 ro root=/dev/sda5 <----Yes, twice
    initrd /boot/initrd.img

    Save and apply...

    This will successfully allow you to dual-boot Win10Ent(or any flavor) and Kali1.1 64bit without UEFI on a UEFI/BIOS hybrid board....

    Might want to add this to a sticky....

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