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Thread: Kali stuck on loading screen.

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    Kali stuck on loading screen.

    So I reflashed my nexus 7 2013 to upgrade the the newest version. I also checked the box to install the custom boot screen. Flashing went great but after it restarted, it gets stuck at the Kali bootscreen looping it.

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    Try to re-root it back from fastboot mode. Hope it helps.

  3. re-root not help in this case, i trying last week

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    Force reboot and check if everything works on another normal boot. If even the wallpaper is the default android one you gotta uninstall all nethunter apps and reinstall in the following order: terminal, vnc, nethunter. Reinstall chroot and hope everything is okay. Also , see:

    If problems persist you might want to update kernel to 5.0 , clean flash cm 12.1 and maybe install multirom (be sure to patch the kernel if it shows warnings too)


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