I have problem with my laptop, I installed Kali Linux on it and everything works just fine, just when nothing moves on screen, screen flickers like 5 times in 1 second, and flicker is like total screen turn off and then turn on (5times a sec). Then I tried installing different drivers and it also didn't work, something apt-get install or something...
Any help would be appreciated. BTW Windows and other OS-s works perfectly and I also tried Live Kali Linux image (x32 and x64)

Operating System: Kali Linux
Graphic card: nVidia GTX 940m
Graphic card 2: Intel HD Graphics 4400
Wi-Fi: Gigabyte tech
Processor: Intel Core I3 5010U
Disk: 1TB HDD

Laptop is made by ASUS (ASUS x751l)

Kali Version: 25cc6d53a8bd8886fcb468eb4fbb4cdfac895c65
Kali Architecture: 32 bit and 64 bit - nothing works as it suppost