Hi Guys,

I'm new to Linux and Kali Linux so i have faced some troubles creating my persistent USB.

1st i created it without any troubles, it worked fine and there was no problem, so I booted it and tried
apt-get dist-upgrade
so that it would have the newest Upgrades. But it told me he wouldn't have enough space left. So I wanted to expand the size of the partition.

After some research I tried it with gparted and there are 2 Partitions (sdb1 2.??GB; sdb2, 115MB) If I'm right i need to expand the first one but gparted can't do it because he cant read the format (it is unmounted) but the 2nd Partition can be read, moved and expanded. I can only expand the 1st Partition when i format it first but then is all the data gone, as we know. But i still tried to format it to fat32, expand to 4GB and than use the command
dd if=FILE.iso of=/dev/sdb1 bs=512k
to directly use the bigger partition. That was when i couldn't boot the USB anymore.

My Questions are now:
When i create an encrypted persistent USB will the upgrades even stay?
apt-get upgrade, apt-get update, apt-get dist-update
Does I need to expand the 1st Partition to create more space for the Updates? If Yes, how can I do this?

Thanks Guys!!