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Thread: Nethunter 3 + Nexus 5 + TL-WN722N = NOT WORKING

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    Nethunter 3 + Nexus 5 + TL-WN722N = no device & modprobe problems


    Android Version= 6.0.0 MRA58K
    Installed = nethunter-hammerhead-marshmallow-3.0
    (with twrp stucked at 90%, after a lot of time i forced a reboot but it seemed to be installed even if it never compleats 100%;
    I had to add "" in /etc/apt/sources.list to get update&upgrade run)

    Updated to Nethunter 3.15

    I tried plug & and play with the TP-LINK TL-WN722N (used two different OTG cables no Y):
    Could not find it with iwconfig and could not start it with ifconfig wlan1 up:
    "No such device"

    It is shown in lsusb:


    i tried "apt-get install firmware-atheros" which runned without errors but did not fix anything.

    i tried to load driver manually but something seems to be wrong with modprobe:

    Also lsmod failed:

    Any ideas ?

    If additional information is needed please tell me
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    it was a kernel issue:

    installed and everythign worked

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