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Thread: Does "wlan0mon" mean my USB Wireless Adapter is in monitor mode?

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    Does "wlan0mon" mean my USB Wireless Adapter is in monitor mode?

    Does "wlan0mon" mean my USB Wireless Adapter is in monitor mode?

    I'm new to Kali Linux and using a USB Wifi adapter and I wanted to know if someone would be willing to confirm my results when seting the USB Wifi to monitor mode.

    I recently installed my new Alfa AWUS036NHA and used airmon-ng to set it to monitor mode. When launching setting my wlan0 to monitor mode using the command "airmon-ng start wlan0" results in creating a "wlan0mon" instead of a separate "mon0".

    These represent the results of monitor mode in the instructions I followed:

    1) instructions entering "airmon-ng start wlan0"


    2) instruction results with separate wlan0 and mon when checking with an "ifconfig" command.


    These represent my results from following the above instructions:

    1) Entering my "airmon-ng start wlan0"


    2) This result states the change to monitor mode from station mode


    3) Checking with an "ifconfig" my result is a single "wlan0mon"


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    Yeah, your card should be in monitor mode, based on your screenshots. Have you tried running airodump-ng, to see if you can capture traffic?

    As noted by airmon-ng, you might want to kill off interfering processes, though.

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