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Thread: Installing Kali on the new razer blade stealth

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    Installing Kali on the new razer blade stealth

    Hi guys, new to this forum obviously, but I'm looking for a bit of help after struggling on google.

    My goal is to dual boot Kali with win 10 on the new razer blade stealth. I've booted it live so far to see if I could get everything working before I install it. My biggest problem is finding information on getting graphics drivers running as the vast majority of information out there is for installing nvidia or Radeon drivers. The new blade stealth has the latest i7 kaby lake CPU which has onboard hd620 graphics. But when I boot live the best I can get is 640/480 res, which is horrible considering my screen is 3840*2160. Can anyone point me in the right direction to getting the screen looking pretty like when I installed ubuntu?

    Let me know if more info is required, cheers

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    one option is to install Kali on VB under Win 10 and forget about that problem. Your hardware is good for VB and it will work fast.
    In that case check and enable in BIOS virtual technology
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    Yeah man that's what I've done now. I'm actually surprised how fast vb runs on this new machine. It feels as good as parallels did on my MacBook Pro. I think I will just continue through vb as it's flawless from what I can see at the moment

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