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Thread: Turning off Mac-address-randomization in Network Manager-one method

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    Turning off Mac-address-randomization in Network Manager-one method

    The newer NetworkManager supports automatic randomization of the device mac address. This can cause the mac address settings to change unknown to the user. In cases of a router employing mac blocking, clients can suddenly loose the ability to connect to the router.

    There are several methods to turn this feature off.

    One way is to set the mac-address-randomization=0 in all system connection files in the /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections folder. If you have numerous connection files this can be time consuming.

    The following code based on the work done by repzeroworld, turns off all randomization setting in all system connection files.

    find /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections -type f -exec sh -c "sed -i "/^mac-address-randomization=*/d;/^\[wifi\]/a\mac-address-randomization=0" "{}"" \;

    There are other methods thru the config files but this would not turn off any settings already made.

    Readers should cross reference the following:

    See hon3yb33 entry page 2 in the following thread

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