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Thread: What is the correct way to install/add nvidia drivers Kali Linux 2016.2

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    What is the correct way to install/add nvidia drivers Kali Linux 2016.2

    Hey guys,

    Have just started to get amongst Kali Linux. Been enjoying moderate success in what I've been doing but now the youtube tutorials have lead me to an instructional that requires Hashcat. I usually do all my training on a Macbook Pro, running Kali on VM. I know this method doesn't allow direct use of the GPU from the host system so I've installed Kali on the Desktop PC which has an Nvidea GeForce GTX 970 (I know thats not overly flash but it makes more sense to just let the PC chug away in the corner for days on end while I can still use my Macbook Pro).

    I have only just recently (today) been able to get my GUI back after a bug in the dist-upgrade package. That was a major pain in the **** but as I had a number of cloned Kali machines in VM, I could just experiment, delete if something bad happened during these updates and revert to a working system when things went south. Meant I didn't have to sit there and wait, while an entirely new fresh install downloaded all the updates and upgrades required for a fresh install.

    So... the issue is with having Kali just running as a boot stand-alone OS on of the PC's extra internal HDs, I don't really have the option of throwing these (pretty severe) updates at Kali anymore; if I have a major stuff-up (like I just did), I have no prior version to revert to.

    So my question/issue is what is the correct way to install the relevant nvidia drivers for my system in order to use Hashcat? I have done quite a lot of googling and ended up following the advice to:

    apt-get update
    apt-get dist-upgrade
    apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)
    apt-get install nvidia-kernel-dkms

    However this left me with an unbootable system. Would barely get past the grub boot screen. Again, did a shedload of Googling and tried everything I could or that seemed relevant to fix the problem. My options were very limited as I couldn't even CTRL-ALT-F1-6 to bring up a command prompt.

    My googling suggests the other way to do this is to download the relevant driver from nvidia and just install manually via the run function. Like I said though, doing a fresh install and then downloading all the updates every time this doesn't work is very time consuming, would love to just do it right.

    Then of course there's more talk of cuda drivers/packages as well. If anyone has the time to step a newbie through this I would be much appreciated.

    Thanks everyone.


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    Please helpme too!!!


    I'm a little frustrated since I've reinstalled many times the kali linux 2016.2 on my computer without success installing the Nvidia driver on it.

    I followed the steps mentioned here but without any result, just the fact that I can not enter the OS, and Either because I throw the screen with the "sad face" or simply frozen fall.

    I am newbie but believe me that I searched in google until tiredness with nothing to give me result, the only closest thing that made me feel was this page -in-debian-8/2 /
    , But in the end without success.

    I have an integrated video card "Geforce 7025 / nforce 630a", I downloaded the driver of the official page and the whole question to install it, but it does not work for me.

    I've read many forums and none seems to get the answer, if there was a charitable soul who can show the light please.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Does not seem that kali support community is going to be of any help. I have same issue and cannot get this resolved cant even install headers which is another problem since you wont be able to install the Nvidia drivers. I am trying a last install if it breaks again then I know never to use kali again untill they can sort this out. for the best pentest platform in the world it sure is terrible at support LOL.

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