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Thread: Custom Wordlist Generator

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    Question Custom Wordlist Generator

    Hello all,

    i an trying to write a custom word list generator (generators that already exist are nice but lack a feature i need)

    does anyone know a good way of generating a word list but in a way where i can set min/max length and min/max letters/numbers (independently, so i could say max 5 letters and a max of 8 numbers for example) while also defining what characters to use? C++ code would be nice for those who know it, but if you don't know C++, any code will help.

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    To St0ner1995

    Download the essidprobe program open it with leafpad and see how MTeams did something similiar

    We used crunch. Write your eight number length wordlist. Then embed letters around each string. using the @ variable in crunch.

    But each string has many permutations


    etc etc


    See also

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