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Thread: Xrandr tool usage questions

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    Question Xrandr inverted upon startup Kali 2.0

    Hello, I recently installed Kali alongside my native OS from a liveUSB. Aside from having to repair grub to get my native OS to show in the bootloader, I have this problem.

    I'm using an ASUS touchscreen laptop/tablet, which is pertinent because other posts on this forum and others found via google all relate back to touchscreen laptops having this very obvious bug/problem. When I boot up Kali and get to the login screen, the entire display is inverted. I log in and the problem seems to fix itself for a few moments before going back to being inverted. I go into a new terminal session and screw around with the various "xrandr -o" orientations. Another fellow on this forum had a similar problem with this and fixed it using "xrandr -o normal". This doesn't work for me, so I tried "xrandr -o inverted" seeing if that would flip the display to the correct orientation. Now...while the actual display was arranged the way it should be and I could see things without having to turn the laptop itself upside down, the mouse cursor itself is now inverted, and what appears on screen doesn't correlate correctly. For example, if I manage to get the inverted cursor over the terminal icon on the left and click, nothing happens, as it seems the screen layout is still flipped/inverted even though the screen is the right way round finally. So to open the terminal I have to go to the bottom right of the screen and guess where the icon is, then click, instead of clicking on where the terminal icon actually is in the upper left. Long story short the screen display looks correct (with the exception of the mouse) but everythings still inverted... Usually I can solve my problems via hours spent searching google and hounding forums, but this seems to be a relatively new bug thats affecting touchscreen laptops (asus?) only, and so theres little to no information available. I was wondering if someone extremely familiar with xrandr could tell me how to flip the display/screen orientation/cursor the right way around in the meantime while the devs are working on getting the bug fixed for everyone else. Its pretty much impossible to use Kali whilst this bug exists , so a quick and dirty xrandr line should help things in the meantime (help my screen be less f*$#ed, please). Thanks.
    Any help is appreciated. Please be specific.

    Kali Linux 2.0 Version 2016.2-AMD64
    Computer: ASUStek Computer Inc. | Laptop Model TP500LAB x64 bit
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    asus t100 here. just did update/upgrade now i have the exact same issue
    found bug report here

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