Hi, I'm currently running an RPI image for a simple tshark scan. I didn't put this into ARM section as its not ARM related, i just run the scan on a RPI for ease and portability.

At the moment i run a very simple scan to capture MAC address of mobile devices which i write to a file which is then captured by a script and sent off to a server. What i would like to do is write the data captured ( MAC, RSSI and date / time ) directly to a SQL DB which is running on the RPI ( SQL Lite or something like that )

Reason for this is i would like to use the RPI when not connected to the web so the data is stored locally and can then be sync'ed back to a main server DB when connected back to the net.

Is it possible to write the scan results directly to a SQL DB ? and if so can some one point me in the right direction please.

When i search for related questions all i keep getting are results presuming I am trying to scan for SQL traffic.