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Thread: OnePlus One stuck on bootup after attempting first root.

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    OnePlus One stuck on bootup after attempting first root.

    I'm following the guide for installing Kali NetHunter from Windows using Bacon Root Toolkit onto a OnePlus One and shortly after attempting to root, the phone hangs on the Cyanogen Mod Ready screen. Here's the steps I've gotten through so far:

    • Full Driver Test Says: Success!
    • Flash Stock + Unroot in normal mode.
    • OTA Update to CM12.1.
    • OTA Update to CM13.0.
    • Root.
    • (Problem occurs.)
    • Flash Stock + Unroot in soft-bricked mode.
    • OTA Update to CM12.1.
    • OTA Update to CM13.0.
    • Attempt to Unlock bootloader. (Maybe it was locked? I don't know.)
    • Root.
    • (Problem occurs again.)

    Should I not be updating before rooting? Is the bootloader already unlocked or should I unlock it before updating or after updating? Can I update after rooting and not loose root?

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    CM 13.0 has got issues with many devices, heres what you gotta do:
    -Make sure your bootloader is unlocked and you got TWRP installed.
    - Update kernel to 5.0 (I did it with multiROM)
    - Flash CM 12.1 *Don't boot*
    (You don't need GApps for that, nor busybox; they come preinstalled)
    - Flash NetHunter
    - Wait about 10 minutes for boot, if it takes longer, try to force reboot.
    If you did the force reboot and your phone booted up normally:
    -Check if everything works correctly. If it does, congrats
    - If even the wallpaper is missing (not being the default kali one), something went wrong.
    - Uninstall all nethunter apps, grab a new master branch zip from github, and install apps in the following order: terminal , vnc, nethunter
    - Remove/Reinstall chroot
    - congrats

    If any of these fails, try installing multirom, rewiping everything, installing CM 12.1, copying it to secondary rom, booting primary, updating busybox installation, then flashing nethunter to primary rom and doing this whole thing again.

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