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Thread: Kali external HDD will not boot from Windows 10

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    Kali external HDD will not boot from Windows 10

    I was previously using an external Seagate Slim HDD to run Kali with a 2009 MacBook Pro. I installed rEFInd on the external drive to enable booting on the MacBook Pro, and everything was working perfectly. Now I am attempting to use the same external drive to run Kali on a Dell XPS 13 with Windows 10, and I can not get it to boot. First I turned off secure boot, and that enabled the external drive to boot into rEFInd. But once it boots into rEFInd, there is no option to boot Kali. Only the option for windows appears. Now when I try it on the MacBook it continues to boot properly, but how can I get it to boot on the Dell?

    I found a solution, I just needed to enable legacy booting on the dell firmware.
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