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Thread: hostapd problem after upgrade to kali rolling 2016

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    hostapd problem after upgrade to kali rolling 2016

    hi there!

    First, please don't tell me to use search function. I did.

    Ok, here is the problem.
    I ran hostapd in kali 1.1.0 for a couple of years with rtl for internet connection, atheros for AP.
    Now I did an upgrade to kali rolling. (ok quite late, but it is just my AP).
    In k.r. 2016 i can't get the AP up and running. Neither per script (error msg nl80211 'could not configure driver mode' and 'driver initialization failed') nor per nmtli nor per gnome gui (after hitting the turn on hotspot button nothing happens).
    After booting back to the old kali 1.1 everything works as I'm used to. Just not in kali rolling.

    hardware is rtl8187 for the internet connection and ar9271 for the AP. platform kali rolling 32bit 586pae kernel.

    Any suggestions?


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    I'd try the newer hostapd-wpe, and see if that works.

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    I used also hostapd in kali roolling lateset (xfce) like wifi router
    Everything is working fine for me in rolling release
    Just need to run those command
    sudo apt-get install hostapd
    sudo apt-get install dnsmasq
    and in network menu set AP (right click on network icon---> edit connection)
    Don't need to edit any conf. file
    That is all in my case
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