I have installed Kali Linux 64 bit 2016.2 in a brande new ASUS VivoBook Pro N552VX-FI322T Laptop. Irt is a dual installation (one partition with Windows 10 home and the other with Kali Linux). I have a serious problem after logging in. I write the user and password and then, most of the times, the systems becomes halted and it is not capable of starting the graphical user interface X.11. IF I try several times, maybe once it can start the GUY and then it autoconfigures the screen to 4K resolution and wors fine. If I just log off the session and then log in again then no problem, but if I shutdown the machine then I go back to the same problem (after maybe 10 tries I can satart the GUI Session). I have tried to reduce the resolution below 1024x768, but the problem does not change.

I suspect that the current Kali Linux versión has got a problem with some of the hardware drivers, nmaybe because the laptop is very new. Can somebody help me try to find a solution?

A second problem. After a few seconds of starting the GUI, the processor fan starts to run full speed with no apparent reason. In Windows 10 I can work for hours and the fan never runs so fast.

Thanks in advance and best regards