Hi everyone
My laptop is Asus X550L , with a graphic card nvidia Geforce 820M
So I updated my kali from 4.3.0 to 4.8.0, and I fixed the problem of the mutter3.22.2-1 with the new mutter 3.22.2-2
The problem when I boot my linux it doesn't , it stop on this page :16215925_1356715054373242_283109279_n.jpg
So I press ctrl+alt+F3 to log with tt3 and I get the terminal!! :cry:
I write startx but I get the error "no screnns found !! " 16244298_1356714404373307_2099674731_n.jpg
I installed the nvidia configuration but still don't work!! :roll:
I think that's a new issue, may any one help pleaaase !!! ( sorry for my bad english )