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Thread: Install Kali and Ubuntu on External SSD

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    Question Install Kali and Ubuntu on External SSD

    Hi everyone,

    My laptop have a SSD installed Windows 8.1 and a HDD. Also I have an external SSD disk installed Ubuntu. When I want to work on Ubuntu, I boot Windows and click "Advanced Options For Startup", select "Ubuntu" disk and laptop boot Ubuntu. But, I want to install Kali and Ubuntu this external SSD. I installed Ubuntu succeeded but after install Kali, there is an error on grub for Kali. Kali install grub to /dev/sda/, /dev/sdc/ but I want to just /dev/sdc/ or not install. There was Ubuntu grub already.

    If I select Kali Lınux on grub screen, there is an error: mount: mounting /dev/sdc3 on /root failed: No such file or directory.

    While installing,

    sdc1 swap
    sdc2 Ubuntu ext4 /
    sdc3 Kali ext4 /

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    The device name may have change, you should try to find out what is the current device name maybe by looking into the config from the ubuntu os.

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