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Thread: Install Nvidia Opencl package

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    Installing Nvidia Opencl package

    I'm on a Kali Linux 2016.2 live usb install and I'm trying to install cpyrit(pirity with CUDA support )..So I've installed all the necessary package: kernel headers, proprietary Nvidia drivers(340.xx), Nvidia kernel dkms and Nvidia CUDA toolkit(version 6.5, the only supported by my GPU the Nvidia 330m )
    So now I need to install the Nvidia opencl package but when I issue the command:
    Apt-get install nvidia-legacy-340xx-opencl-icd (which is the proper package for my driver) the installation starts, but between all the subpackages implied in the installing process, some is forcing me to install Nvidia driver(that I already have!) and besides the wrong version(352.xx that should be the last available) despite the fact that I've selected the opencl package for my specific driver(340-xx).
    So I get an alert saying:

    "This system has a graphics card which is no longer handled by the Nvidia driver (package nvidia-driver). You may wish to keep the package installed - for instance to drive some other card - but the card with the following chipset won't be usable:
    01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Nvidia Corporation gt216M [GeForce GT 330M] [10de:0a29] (rev a2)
    The above card requires either the non free legacy Nvidia driver (package nvidia-legacy-340xx-driver) or the free Nouveau driver (package xserver-xorg-video-nouveau).
    Use the uodate-glx command to switch between different installed drivers.
    Before the Nouveau driver can be used you must remove Nvidia configuration from xorg.c9nf (and xorg.conf.d/).
    Install Nvidia driver despite unsupported graphics card?
    Yes No"
    And selecting No, the installation aborts

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem and get the opencl package installed, without change driver?
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