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Thread: Kali Linux 64 bit VM crashing

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    Kali Linux 64 bit VM crashing

    Hello World! I recently wanted to use VMWare Player( to run Kali Linux 64 bit VM 2016.2( in order to create a lab to learn the many different tools in order to be more secure in today's world.

    I downloaded both, installed VM Player, then downloaded the VM image for Kali and unpacked it using 7zip.

    I checked both of the checksums for the player and kali linux assuring that they were intact and not corrupted, so downloading reinstalling not worth my time.

    I ended up running it and it boots well.

    The problem arises when I want to open the terminal command, where it comes on the screen, makes everything black and then defaults to the login page preventing me from running any commands such as theharvester or httrack.

    It is funny though now that I think about it, because there was one time where I kind of dragged the window and it started working like normal without crashing back to the login screen, I have not had any success doing so for the past few times.

    It's really annoying and I know it's free so I don't expect much, but I'm wondering whether the fault is on my side.

    Are there certain settings I need to configure in the VMWarePlayer before launching the virtual machine or even when Kali boots up do I need to run a certain command before I can get it running normal?

    P.S. If there is additional information needed in order to troubleshoot this problem, please let me know and I will provide everything I can within my knowledge to solve this problem.

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