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Thread: Setup wifi dongle for fluxion

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    Setup wifi dongle for fluxion

    Thanks for your help in advance guys.

    im a relatively inexperienced linux user especially with kali/debian

    I want to use Fluxion on my raspberry pi for a project and therefore need to get my Wifi Dongle (a TP-Link TL821n V5) to work

    Fluxion always says my adapter is not supported and the led on the dongle only flashes when i reboot

    I dont know what to try because I just dont really know this stuff works

    Every help is apprechiated


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    I have the same problem also on Kali Linux

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    A. You cannot have any form of connection to the internet got fluxion to work with your dongle. I use the TP-link TL- wn722n. 9$ on Amazon. Try swapping your dongle around from spot to spot mine only works in the 0 position anything in 1 flux gives me the same bs.
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