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Thread: Black screen after booting fresh installed version of Kali Linux

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    Black screen after booting fresh installed version of Kali Linux

    Hi all,

    I made a fresh install of the latest version of Kali Linux (2017-W05) in VMWare Workstation. Unfortunately, I am not able to use it. The system boots, but most of the time I get a black screen instead of the graphical login screen. Sometimes the login screen appears for a really short time (it looks like the screen is blinking). How can this happen with a fresh installed version?
    If I press Strg+Alt+F2 to enter the terminal I can work "normally". So it seems to have something to do with graphics or the GUI.
    The problem is not always the same. Sometimes the system gets stuck during the boot process, so it's not always what I described above.
    The output of dmesg can be found here:
    If you need any more information just ask me.
    Thanks in advance.

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    How much RAM did you allocate to the VM? Make sure it's more than 512MB for a Gnome flavour.

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    I chose 4 GiB so that won't be the problem.

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    I found out that the problem has to do something with the Kali OS/software itself. I tried to install an older version (2016.02) and this version works. When I update everything and reboot the problem comes back. So I think there is an update which is causing incompatibility. Does anyone know if this is already known and if the developers are already fixing it?

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    Sounds to me like a Graphics card problem, I had similar problems on my PC. all of them where Graphic card driver related problems.

    I could not log in to my system and the gdm could not start at all. Screen flickering, but changing to a terminal by pressing Alt+F2 was working.

    Try to change the Graphics related settings in your VM or find which updated Driver are causing your problem.

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