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Thread: A start job is running

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    A start job is running

    Hello everyone,

    I am fairly new to the Kali distro and to the Linux world. I have some experience from 10 years ago when I was on highschool, but since that time nothing.
    I installed Kali and when booting after GRUB ( when services are starting ), its stuck on: " A Start Job is running for: ** and here are 4 services **

    - LSB: thin initscript
    - Account Services
    - Network Manager
    - Authenticate and Authorize users to run privileged tasks

    The Countdown is set to 90 sec, after 90 sec it will go to other services and than again to these 4 and again 90 sec timer.

    When i press CTRL C or ESC it will pass with OK checkmark.

    After boot it will work normally as it should but I am puzzled why is this time there and how to fix it ?
    I was also browsing forum but did not find any solution here nor on any other website.
    Anyone can assist with this ?

    So far i love Kali and trying to learn new things.

    Thanks for your help.

    Hello all, sorry for not providing enough info, i have already received warning.

    Kali distro is one I downloaded from the site itself, 64bit: Version 2016.2 64bit
    Hardware is stock: DELL Latitude E6230 SSD Drive, 16GB RAM
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