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Thread: Recommended Process for bit for bit copy/restoration of Kali HD

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    Recommended Process for bit for bit copy/restoration of Kali HD

    I have a Kali machine now setup with various kali rolling distro installs and would not want to have to re-create this machine. Is there a recommended program and process to image (bit for bit) and process to restore the machine to a new hard drive, if needed to, due to damage or corruptions or breaking install.

    I use FTK imager sometimes but was not sure this is the best way? I would take out the kali HD and image it with a windows machine with FTK. Then use the image to restore to a new HD so it will be exactly the same, including successful GRUB booting.

    Should I used dd, or some other program. I read that clonezilla will not copy empty bits, so it would not be an exact copy.

    The desired process for me would be to
    1.boot with a CD that has the cloning/restoring program
    2.backup/clone to a connected external HD
    3.restore to a connected blank external HD (external HD would actual be an internal HD in a casing, then later placed into the laptop or computer.)

    Any ideas, suggestions or best practices for a kali system is greatly appreciated.


    Kali 2.0
    Asus U56E Laptop

    ps any suggestions for parallel regular backups of docs, and programs like Laverna, Thunderbird etc would be a great...

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    Hello, you should try clonezilla live cd, it will fit your need, by choosing dd only for software to clone, it will do a sector by sector clone!

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