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Thread: Recommended Process for bit for bit copy/restoration of Kali HD

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    Recommended Process for bit for bit copy/restoration of Kali HD

    Note: I read the sticky message above regarding posting in the correct forum. I hope this is the correct forum. I am new but have searched through Internet and forums but still not clear on educated answer to my general use, including safely backing up and restoring with kali authorized tools. Thank you for your patience.

    I have a Kali machine now setup with various kali rolling distro installs and would not want to have to re-create this machine. Is there a recommended program and process to image (bit for bit) and process to restore the machine to a new hard drive, if needed to, due to damage or corruptions or breaking install.

    I use FTK imager sometimes but was not sure this is the best way? I would take out the kali HD and image it with a windows machine with FTK. Then use the image to restore to a new HD so it will be exactly the same, including successful GRUB booting.

    Should I used dd, or some other program. I read that clonezilla will not copy empty bits, so it would not be an exact copy.

    The desired process for me would be to
    1.boot with a CD that has the cloning/restoring program
    2.backup/clone to a connected external HD
    3.restore to a connected blank external HD (external HD would actual be an internal HD in a casing, then later placed into the laptop or computer.)

    Any ideas, suggestions or best practices for a kali system is greatly appreciated.


    Kali 2.0
    Asus U56E Laptop

    ps any suggestions for parallel regular backups of docs, and programs like Laverna, Thunderbird etc would be a great...

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    Hello, just use clonezilla it work awesome

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    Thank you. I will try it as a test. This has worked for you, for complete back and restoration to a new drive? Jeff

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    yes this have work for me on different os, linux, windows never try on macos but should work too!
    Depending on the tools choosen to backup the hdd, you may have to use a same or bigger size hdd to restore!

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