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Thread: problem with driver broadcom 43241 onboard nexus 10 with nethunter (wifite)

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    problem with driver broadcom 43241 onboard nexus 10 with nethunter (wifite)

    Hi there,

    I recently installed Nethunter on my nexus 10 tablet

    Wifi Antenna is detected wlan0 too but when i lunch wifite i see the wireless device but at the section driver i see ??????? when i start wifite at section driver. i try with otg external wifi usb device and is the same thing. i try install with forum on google... nothing...
    anybody can help me please i realy need help ! tank you
    is the same probleme with rtl2870 with otg cable usb device

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    i find why the internal driver not supported becaus it can't come on monitor mode, i have buy usb wifi key tl-wn722n
    , i change the repository of script because i can't install update and driver, but i do it with mistake but i need to reinstall the rom of nethunter and retry it,.....
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    did you figure it out?

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