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Thread: Kali Linux Network Card Tx-Power Up Fails

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    Exclamation Kali Linux Network Card Tx-Power Up Fails

    I'm trying to power up my signal on my external network card (TP-LINK TL-WN722N) by changing the country region to BO which i know that allows up to 30 dBm signal and setting up everything correctly without any error but nothing happens and it still in Tx-Power=20dBm. As i saw in others when they run [iw reg get] they get a global only a global country and they're changing the power correctly but when i'm setting everything same the power stills to 20dBms.

    When i run [iw reg get] except from my global country i get and one phy#1 as you see on picture and i think this is the problem. How can i resolve this?
    NOTE: The picture is before changing the region to BO.

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    I think that your card does not have in its hardware that power that you are wishing .
    However , you can try :

    iw reg set GY
    and try .

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    Hello, i have the same card, and the card didn't support 30dbm signal, only 20dbm. Otherwise with my alfa i had issue with reg set BO that didn't change the Tx-Power anymore, so i start using BZ instead and it was working.

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    Aww, OK guys now i understand thank you! I will try with my Alfa card. When i tried with Alfa and reg to BO it didn't changed so I'll try with BZ

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