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Thread: Start up SSH/VNC on boot

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    Start up SSH/VNC on boot

    So I've figured to do some research before making this post and bugging anyone.

    To explain my particular issue properly, on my Raspberry Pi 3, installed with Kali ARM Image, did a full install etc. However when time when you boot up the Pi, your stuck in the logon screen, which is fine. But however, I remebered on BackTrack your able to SSH into the computer without logging into the computer. But since I am stuck on the logon screen, it won't allow me too. Now once I login, I can SSH there is now a connection...

    I tried to follow many methods below and nothing seems to work.

    Applications -> Settings -> Sessions and Startup
    Then after I followed the path under the "Application Autostart", added some commands, and nothing...

    Basically I want to be able to start up in VNC and able to do things remotely, or even tunnel on SSH and enable the VNC.

    I am just having problems and would appreciate any help, may someone pretty please help me?

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    have you try to cron a task at boot reboot and all that start your script, or every X time look if service is not active then start it?

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