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Thread: Broken update, black screen, urgent

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    Broken update, black screen, urgent

    Hey everyone,

    I'm in a pickle.

    I was updating my kali 2.0 and by accident powered down my machine during the update.
    The result - after loading my encrypted persistence volume I get a black flickering screen where the login screen should be - no visible errors while loading.

    I can easily access non-persistence volumes.
    Now I tried the nomodeset trick in case it was some graphics issues but it doesn't do much - just adds some color to the flicker.

    When I load a non-persistence volume I can access my persistence by entering my password and so I have access to the filesystem.

    Is there any way I can reverse/repair that update in order to access my system?
    If not, I really need to rescue a couple of VMs within that filesystem but I can't find them and not sure how to handle them if I do.

    Any help is much appreciated and it is very urgent..

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    I too am in the same boat in regards to after doing apt-get dist-upgrade, my VM loads a black screen and stays there. It even crashes Virtualbox.

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    on my opinion , you probably crash everything, try to boot livecd to save your important data, then reinstall!

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    Can you open a terminal via ctrl + alt + f6?

    You can usually finish an interrupted install this way.

    You may also need to reconfigure all packages if you get errors......

    dpkg --configure -a

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