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Thread: broken image after upgrading from old version of kali to the latest on an old lapto

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    broken image after upgrading from old version of kali to the latest on an old lapto

    Hello, I had an old version of Kali, I think it was version 1.0.9, it was definitely 64bit, which I installed like 2 years ago on my 2007 Lenovo Thinkpad T60, which I'm also dualbooting with Arch Linux and Windows XP. The laptop has a core 2 duo T5600 processor, 2gb ram and ati X1400 128mb graphics, if that makes any difference. I just went and re-installed the latest kali linux 2016.2 x64 (kali-linux-2016.2-amd64.iso) and after the install finished and I removed the usb flash stick and restarted the laptop, the first thing I saw is that the GRUB loader looks a bit broken visually:

    I first installed the new kali on a virtual machine to check it out before I install it for real, and it worked fine, and the GRUB loader did not look broken like this. But I though, oh well, no big deal, I tried booting into Kali, and, this was the result after it finished loading:

    Completely broken visuals! It is responsive, I can move the mouse and see that some stuff is changing, but it's so very broken. Any idea why is it doing that? And if I can fix it or if I should look for the old version I had before and downgrade back to it?
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    Looks like a video driver problem. Can you get to a console boot prompt and login?

    If not, I'd try installing from the weekly builds at

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    yes, I can get to the console with ctrl + alt + f2, also I tried live-booting it and it works, so its only broken when installed on the hdd

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    looks like its some sort of incompatibility between Gnome and the ati driver, installed Gnome on Arch and had the same problem. KDE and Xfce work fine on Arch. I will try to install the Xfce version of Kali now.

    p.s. kali xfce works fine
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