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Thread: Installing Kali on XPS13 9360

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    Installing Kali on XPS13 9360

    Hello all,

    I have bought a new computer and I have decided to try to run Kali as main S.O. As per Reddit answers, they think it is not a good idea to run as main S.O. but you know, want to try. If you consider it is wrong, please, just tell me, I will try to install Debian.

    Laptop information It comes with Linux 16.04 and everything was working, I created the live USB and installed on the HD.

    • When installing
      It says that some files were missing. ath10k/cal-pci-0000:3a:00.0.bin ath10k/QCA6174/hw3.0/frimware-5.bin
      I have saw that both are related with WiFi, but after the installation WiFi works.
    • After installation
      1. Screen issues
        Seems that the screen is not recognized, despite the "Touch" feature is working, but the resolution is stuck at 3200x1800, so everything is really, really small. Trying to troubleshoot the issue I noticed that the display is "Unknow display" Also if I close the screen, once I open it, nothing is displayed. I have e-mailed dell about this fact, but you know, I am not sure they will bring the support... The drivers for Linux are missing at their web.
        As per the information I have searched, it is a problem with Kali escalating the display. Any clue to minimize the impact?
      2. Multimedia Keys
        Multimedia keys are simply not working
      3. Audio
        I would like to know if that might be related with the problems commented before, I think it shouldn't but who know. Maybe it is muted on the multimedia keyboard and I cannot make it sound.
      4. Fan
        The fan sometime get crazy. That is pretty scary, I have noticed that sometimes the fan just triggers but the usage of the computer is not that much to load the CPU (Just Firefox...)
      5. Small Error
        I think thats a Hardware problem or something like that, the Block Mayus key is not working properly. If you type fast enough, You will put 2 capitals characters before the mayus trigger detect you are not writing on capitals any more. I can deal with it, it is just annoying.

    I have contact Dell to know if they have the drivers to forward me, as far as their are not public at their site.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hello, first of all(and for once) reddit is right, kali is design for pentesting and not as main os, if you want a hard install to practice, you should do a dual boot. so i really think you should install debian as main os, and maybe add kali on dual boot or in vm or live.

    and if you have issue that prevent you to execute the task you want in kali then fix it, if it don't prevent you to pentest then you could just forget about it ;-)

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