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Thread: Downloading Trouble (Mac x32)

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    Downloading Trouble (Mac x32)

    Hey so i've been trying to download Kali Linux on my mac for a bit now and to now avail.
    So i've two hard drives, each with 500gb. Both are relatively empty. The mac im working with is a tad old so it wont recognize the USB approach of downloading Kali by imaging the iso onto the usb.

    I've tried 3 different 4.7gb discs. I've tried putting on the ISO, and even the files within and still my mac does not recognize it in general or on boot.

    I'm also using reFInD, and trying to download kali(32bit) . I've also tried putting the ISO & the files within ,on the spare hardrive and trying to download on boot. The only progress I made was at this point where two bootable options from my spare drive (affectionately named; Kali Muscle )became available. To boot from BOOTx64.efi and systemlinux.efi , however choosing either or just leads me to a black screen where it says it is trying to boot the os and nothing happens.

    Can anyone help please.

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    I'm a bit confused, but it sounds like you are downloading Kali ok, but can't install it? If that's the case, the first thing to do is verify the hash of your download against the hash at

    Can you boot anything else from CD?

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