Greek GNU/Linux users are familiar with the distro Kali from the series Mr Robot. It's good thing they know that there's a distro to be used for penetration tests to servers. The bad thing is they confuse the term hacker with the term cracker. That's something we try to change.

I try introduce to Security and especially to Kali, since i have more experience into security and hacking.
There are plenty of tools we can check about security.

For starters, we created a Greek Facebook group. Taking advantage of the Mr Robot publicity, we managed to organize our first meetup. It wasn't very advanced. We saw some tools that Kali provides us and I showed them junior penetration tests, how to protect their Internet connection and some basic security of their servers. Unfortunately we didn't have much time to advertise it on social media due to some professional obligations of mine.

We plan to continue with more advanced tests. We will plan what tools we will use and try to do some "homework", so the job of each presenter to be easy.

Here are some pictures from the event.
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